Cloudera Manager: Too Many Open Files

Written on September 4, 2015

Working with cloudera manager 5.4.6, I recently discovered a bug in the way they handle limits on the cloudera-scm-server service. The symptoms start with the web interface of the cloudera manager being completely unresponsive when trying to access it. SSH into the host running the service, and it’s java process is consuming a lot of CPU.


sudo service cloudera-scm-server restart

Will fix the issue, but only temporarily.

As you dig into the issue, you realize that the service is still logging to the .log.1 file, rather than the normal .log file. Tailing the file will yield the error Too Many Open Files.

First I tried increasing the overall fs.max-files for the whole system with sysctl, but the issue still occurred. After some research, I found that the process itself was hitting it’s own limits, via the /etc/security/limits.conf system. The system also includes a /etc/security/limits.d/ directory for custom settings. In the directory is even a file for cloudera-scm.conf. In that file, there are settings for the cloudera-scm user which up the nofile soft and hard limits.

After discovering this, and analyzing /proc/<pid>/limits for the cloudera-scm-server service, I realized that the settings for that user were not being applied to that process. More research showed that the limits system is only applied at login through pam, and this service was being started by an init script.

I added the following ulimit commands in between the lines as shown:

echo -n "Starting $prog: "
ulimit -n 32768
ulimit -Hn 1048576
$CMF_SUDO_CMD /bin/bash -c "nohup $SERVER_SCRIPT $CMF_SERVER_ARGS" > $SERVER_OUT 2>&1 </dev/null &

And cloudera manager has been running well since.

Written on September 4, 2015